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Axtelera ray

rise of astrone

11 / 2019

Axtelera Ray™: Rise of Astrone is an epic saga that fuses fantasy and superheroes with real historical events and global mythology.
- An original creation by Alroy Jovi, in 2000, Axtelera Ray™ is an epic fantasy tale that has evolved over several years through the imagination of Alroy himself and his team of exceptionally-talented individuals. The first volume in series, Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone, is currently being written by British fiction author, M. J. Gallagher, best known for his unofficial novelisation of the popular videogame, Final Fantasy VII.

To better illustrate the world created by Alroy Jovi and M. J. Gallagher, I had the pleasure to create a series of maps of the world of Octavia, where the story takes place. From a classic fantasy look to a more realistic vintage style, the maps of Octavia are high res, print-ready and animation-ready.

For more info or to commission a map for your own novel, check out our commissions services.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

AXR MAP_V03b_low res.jpg
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