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Danielle Dean

Amazon - Exhibition at the tate britain

A new multi-channel video installation by Danielle Dean. Through a multimedia art practice that spans painting, installation, performance and video, Danielle Dean examines how our minds and bodies are colonised by media and cultural production. Her work questions how we as humans are shaped by commercial narratives and the language and images of advertising. Drawing on her research in the archives of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit and using footage shot by collaborators across the world, her new multi-channel video installation investigates the changing nature of labour and the global monopoly of e-commerce company and, in particular, its labour-crowdsourcing marketplace “Amazon Mechanical Turk” (AMT).

Another great project by Danielle whom it's always a pleasure to work with! This time, as the exhibition involved live footage, I worked on creating some of the effects that appear throughout the film. For example, some particles and 'data trails' were created using Trapcode Particular. I also created swarms of bugs and animated a couple of individual insects to fly around the scene. For some of the footage such as the bed footage and computer screens, additional bugs were created and rigged. These were all made in 2D and through a variety of different effects, were made to look 3D.

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Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

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