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FA Women's Super league - Match of the day titles

It marks the second title sequence collaboration between BBC Sport and Chief's Yoni Weisberg and Ben McFarlane - following their work on the BBC Sport Euros titles. With the intention of highlighting the arrival of the WSL with a fresh, unique style and a modern attitude, it was creatively led by Weisberg, Chief Director and football artist, and produced by McFarlane, Head of Post.


The Match of the Day titles for the FA Women's Super League was a burst of creativity. It involved experimenting with live-action footage, animated hand-drawn elements and cut-outs to create a cohesive yet original sequence, highlighting the achievements of the players and teams. I was part of a team of three and worked on several of the shots featured in the titles.

The whole titles can be watched here.

Additional information can be found here.

Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

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